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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality cosmetic skincare products and welcome them into a remarkable story told through our biodegradable packaging embedded with a colourful variety of wildflower seeds.
The packaging designs are inspired by the prehistoric tribal art of the Illyrian people, whose god of wild nature, forests, and pastures was called Silvan.

Silvan - Natural Handmade Cosmetics

Welcome to our story!

Quality Assurance

All our products are handcrafted and made using natural ingredients like saponified oils, essential oils and additives like ground coffee, sea salt or activated charcoal. There are no synthetic fragrances or dyes, no drying alcohol.

The products are always made in small batches to ensure they are always fresh and preserved in a natural way.

Silvan's soap, skincare, cosmetics basket

Our Inspiration

The god Silvan was very important in the religion of the ancient Illyrians – especially the ones who lived in the region of central Dalmatia. These tribes were known as Delmats. Silvan was their deity of wild nature, forests, and pastures. He was also celebrated as the protector of the herds, and thus often portrayed with horns – which we decided to promote as the distinctive feature in our logo.

Silvan – God of wild nature, forests and pastures


  • Name / Naziv tvrtke: Silvan, obrt za proizvodnju prirodne kozmetike, vl. Jelena Bikić
  • Address / Adresa: Miljci 31, 22322 Ružić
  • E-mail: info@silvan.hr
  • Contact number / Broj telefona: +385 97 758 7339
  • IBAN: HR0324020061140382220 (Erste Bank)
  • PID / OIB: 56846674790
  • Matični broj: 97701734

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