About Us


The cornerstone of this business is our belief that harmony stems from the coexistence of the people and nature.
By using natural ingredients in our soap and by finding inspiration in the Illyrian culture for our design, we strive to bring man closer to nature and re-establish a connection that should have never been lost.

The name Silvan

God Silvan was very important in the religion of the ancient Illyrians – especially the part of Illyrians who inhabited the area of Central Dalmatia. The tribe was known as Delmats. Silvan was their divinity of wild nature, forests, and pastures. As such, he was worshiped by shepherds for whom he also had the role of protector of the herd. Therefore, he was often portrayed with the horns – which we decided to promote as a distinctive feature of our logo.

Our desire was to establish a link to the legacy of these early inhabitants of our country. From the geometric motifs of their art to the protector of wild nature – a story that perfectly fits into what Silvan – natural handmade cosmetics represents: simplicity and nature.

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to raise customer awareness by placing quality in the first place. We want to show, by setting the positive example, that the customer does not need artificial dyes and synthetic fragrances as long as the idea is creative and the execution excellent. We do not use the harmful preservatives and we make products in smaller quantities so that they are always fresh and preserved in a natural way. We hope through our products to convey to you a vision of the world in which we act responsibly toward our environment.