About Us


Silvan’s mission is not only to provide customers with high-quality skincare products but also to welcome them into a remarkable story, told through our biodegradable packaging embedded with a colorful variety of wildflower seeds. The packaging designs are inspired by the prehistoric tribal art of the Illyrian people, whose god of wild nature, forests, and pastures was called Silvan.


Welcome to our story…

SILVAN is a Croatian cosmetics brand in which culture, history, and tradition meet contemporary design.


The god Silvan was very important in the religion of the ancient Illyrians – especially the ones who lived in the region of central Dalmatia. These tribes were known as Delmats. Silvan was their deity of wild nature, forests, and pastures. He was also celebrated as the protector of the herds, and thus often portrayed with horns – which we decided to promote as the distinctive feature in our logo.

From geometric motifs of the prehistoric art to the god of wild nature – this is the story that fits perfectly with what Silvan-natural handmade cosmetics represents.